Tamil Nadu Engineering Admissions (TNEA) 2018

Tamil Nadu Engineering Admissions (TNEA) counselling will be conducted online through Internet from 2018 onwards. Applicants can register their applications and take part in single window counselling for TNEA through Internet from anywhere or being at their home.
Forty Two (42) Tamil Nadu Engineering Admissions Facilitation Centres (TFCs) have been established to help the rural applicants and applicants who do not have access to internet facility. Such, facilitation centres will act as helping or guiding centres for Tamil Nadu Engineering Admissions 2018 and these centres are not distributed counselling centres. The original certificate verification for all the applicants will be verified at these TFCs only.
Application Registration:
  1. The applicants can register their applications through the official TNEA portal from anywhere through the Internet or using the TFC by paying the required registration fee through online. The applicants are required to pay a sum of Rs. 500/- (Rs.250/- for SC/SCA/ST) towards application registration. A data preparation sheet for application registration is designed for the applicants and will be made available in the portal as well as at the TFCs for the benefit of the applicants. The applicants are encouraged to fill this data sheet prior to accessing the portal through internet or at TFCs for convenient and accurate data submission using the computer.
  2. After application registration, all the applicants will be assigned a random number for breaking tie if it happens during preparation of merit list
  3. Original Certificates Verification:
  4. The applicants then should visit the assigned TFC (applicants can choose their preferred TFC during application registration) along with a hard copy of the application, original certificates and photo copy of their original certificates where their originals will be verified against their registered application data
  5. A booklet containing Information about Colleges will be given to the applicants for the applicants’ to prepare their choice list. Also, TFCs will screen videos demonstrating how to use the TNEA portal during various stages of counselling
  6. Subsequently, a merit list will be prepared for the eligible applicants and published through the TNEA portal
  7. A week is reserved for addressing applicants’ grievances if any after the publication of the merit list. Applicants are required to contact Office of Secretary, TNEA, Chennai for any grievance redressals
  8. Counselling:
  9. The applicants will be grouped based on merit list into rounds and each group of applicants will be allowed into the counselling system round wise. Each round comprises of the following:
  1. Publication of list of eligible applicants for the round
  2. Applicants are required to pay a sum of Rs.5000/- (Rs.1,000 for SC/SCA/ST) towards initial deposit for college admission through online before adding choices (college and branch) in preference order. Three days are provided in each round for applicants to decide, add and lock choices (third day till 5.00 pm only)
  3. The seats are then allotted tentatively based on the merit list and order of preference of choices provided by the applicant. The applicant can see the tentative allotment details in their respective login itself on the next day
  4. Applicants are required to confirm the tentative allotment by exercising any of the allotment options provided to them within the next two days (till 5.00 pm on the second day). Applicants, who could not be allotted based on merit list and choices, may opt to participate in the next round
  5. After receiving the allotment options from the applicants of a round the final allotment will be done
  6. Applicants who were not allotted in the current round or those who opted to participate in the next round can do so accordingly. Others, shall join in the respective college and branch that was allotted to them within the stipulated time period
The TFCs will provide the required support and guidance to the applicants for the TNEA process. Also, it will provide internet enabled computer facilities for all applicants, wherein the Government will bear the expenses. The applicant can use such TFCs to complete the different stages like registration of applications, providing college preferences and collection of allotment orders. TFC will start functioning after the TNEA schedule notification.
The special counselling like Eminent Sports persons, Differently Abled Person, Vocational, SC-SCA, and Supplementary will be held as in-person counselling at Chennai. Original certificate verification for eminent sports persons will also be held at Chennai only. SMS and email alerts to the applicants in their registered ids will be sent during each stage of counselling. All information regarding TNEA Counselling 2018 will be released through the official TNEA portal at URL https://tnea.ac.in or https://www.annauniv.edu only. To help applicants for any clarification regarding TNEA counselling process 20 helpline numbers is established. Applicants may call 044 2235 9901 -20 for help. These helpline numbers and official TNEA portal will start functioning after the announcement of TNEA schedule.
This new system will benefit all the applicants of Tamil Nadu Engineering Admissions and Anna University is entrusted with the design and implementation of the TNEA completely through internet.

Online Application Registration commences from 03-05-2018, 09.00 am

Source : https://tnea.ac.in/tneaonline18/index.php


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