App Helps Students Prepare For Class 10 Exam

Teacher from remote village in Vellore district designs interactive android application.

CHENNAI: A government school teacher from a remote village in Vellore district has come up with a novel idea to help his students’ prepare themselves for class 10 board exams. He has designed an android app for the one mark questions in a quiz format. K.Madhan Mohan, a B.T. assistant from Government high school in Jamnapudur Poongulam at the foothills of Javadhu hills in Vellore district, has designed the ‘TN schools 10th quiz’, an interactive android app with several interesting features.

The android app was launched on Google Play store on Saturday. It became an instant hit with teachers and students. “When I enquired my students what they do in their free time, majority of them said they play cell phone games. Even Class X students were addicted to these games. I wanted to take the content in their favourite format in a cell phone,” said Mohan. “There are 25 students studying in Standard X in our school. Even at the remote village at the foothills of Javadhu hills, almost 13 students are having access to smartphones,” he said.

One mark questions are very important in board exams. These questions play an important role in getting the below average students clearing the exams as well as bright students getting full marks. “Even if we conduct daily tests, students are not preparing the one mark questions. We are not able to force them. I searched Google playstore for class 10 one mark questions or quiz. But nothing was available. After taking the help of technical people I designed the android app,” he said.

It took him six months to design the app. After creating it, the verification took two more months. “Internet connectivity in villages is very poor. So, I designed it in a way it can work even in offline. After downloading it from Google Play store they don’t need an internet connection to work in the app,” he said. “First I started it only for maths. After requests from other subject teachers, I designed the quiz for all subjects and it has more than 1,500 questions in a quiz format,” the teacher said.

He also added many features like different colours for correct and wrong answers, timing and displaying the score and evaluating the performance of students. Students will also receive applause for full marks. They also will receive the wooden, silver and gold cup on the screen according to their marks. “A parent or teacher can know how students are answering one mark questions. To prevent students memorising, the correct answer it was designed in a way each time the order of questions and options will be different,” he said. Students can also use this app in laptops through ‘bluestack’ software as well.

Free app for SSLC students by my friend madhan released in Deccan chronicle.You can download app from the link :


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