Delhi’s Tina Dabi tops in civil services exams | List of other toppers

22-year-old Tina Dabi who topped the civil services exams in her first attempt speaks to the media from her residence in New Delhi. (Ravi Choudhary/HT Photo)
A 22-year-old woman from Delhi topped the 2015 civil services examination on her first attempt and a railway officer from Jammu and Kashmir secured the second position as the results of one of India’s toughest tests was announced on Tuesday.

A total of 1,078 candidates cleared the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) exam -- 499 from the general category, 314 from the other backward classes, 176 from the scheduled castes and 89 from the scheduled tribes.
Dabi topped the test, followed by Athar Aamir Ul Shafi Khan and Delhi’s Jasmeet Singh Sandhu.
“Congrats to all those who cleared the Civil Services Exam. My good wishes as they commence a new & exciting phase of their lives,” Prime Minister Narendra Modi tweeted.
A graduate in political science from the Capital’s Lady Shri Ram College, Dabi completed her schooling from the Convent of Jesus & Mary. “It is indeed a proud moment for me,” she told PTI.
The commission said it was maintaining a reserve list of 172 candidates. The results are based on scores in a written examination held in December 2015 and interviews conducted in March-May 2016.
23-year-old Athar, a resident of Anantnag in south Kashmir, was undergoing training at the Indian Railways Institute of Transport and Management, Lucknow. This was his second attempt.
“I just could not believe it. The news took few minutes to sink in that I obtained second rank. I secured 560 rank last year. I’m very delighted and extremely satisfied that my hard work has really paid off,” he said.
He hoped his success would pave the way for many others like him from the militancy-torn state. “Thankfully, when I was studying, the valley was relatively peaceful.
Militancy was not that a major issue at that times. There were odd days when there was tension in Anantnag. But by and large it was okay,” he said.
Tens of thousands of students across the country prepare for years for the UPSC exams for prestigious government positions. Candidates get into the administrative services, the foreign and police services, apart from other central services.
Candidates can check their results, which is given in the order of merit, on the official website .

Civil services examination, 2015

Top twenty in the merit list

  • Rank 01; Roll No. 0256747: Tina Dabi
  • Rank 02; Roll No. 0058239: Athar Aamir ul Shafi Khan
  • Rank 03; Roll No. 0010512: Jasmeet Singh Sandhu
  • Rank 04; Roll No. 0000123: Artika Shukla
  • Rank 05; Roll No. 0015876: Shashank Tripathi
  • Rank 06; Roll No. 0105343: Ashish Tiwari
  • Rank 07; Roll No. 0575838: Sharanya Ari
  • Rank 08; Roll No. 0708525: Kumbhejkar Yogesh Vijay
  • Rank 09; Roll No. 0147086: Karn Satyarthi
  • Rank 10; Roll No. 0636176: Anupam Shukla
  • Rank 11; Roll No. 0030357: Anurag Chander Sharma
  • Rank 12; Roll No. 0835059: Ashish
  • Rank 13; Roll No. 0003413: Siddharth Jain
  • Rank 14; Roll No. 0891407: Kirthi C
  • Rank 15; Roll No. 0003562: Pratap Singh
  • Rank 16; Roll No. 0714225: Shrikrishnanath B Panchal
  • Rank 17; Roll No. 0430914: Amit Pal
  • Rank 18; Roll No. 0699076: Anshul Gupta
  • Rank 19; Roll No. 0236963: Sweta Agarwal
  • Rank 20; Roll No. 0925445: Vipin Garg
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