4 ways to undo the ill effects of prolonged sitting

Modern lifestyles are becoming increasingly sedentary. We spend a great deal of our time sitting; be it sitting for long hours at work, sitting while traveling, sitting while watching TV or eating. But if you think that your hour long intensive workout at the gym or your morning jog will make up for your prolonged sitting, you are wrong! A recent study published in the journal Health Psychology Review has found that targeting physical activity and increasing the level of exercise doesn't make any great difference to reduce prolonged sitting. One should focus on decreasing their sitting time. Ask health experts and they will tell you how prolonged sitting kills like smoking. It has turned into a serious public health concern. According to WHO, low physical inactivity is the fourth-leading risk factor for death around the world. So what can be done?

Get up and move
If you are guilty of staying glued to your office seat for long hours, it's time you change your habit. Fitness guru Mickey Mehta shares, "It is extremely important to get up from your seat every two hours. Stand up, walk a little, take a deep breath and stretch backwards and touch your toes." Also stand up from your seat every 45 minutes and try working as you stand. Some of the Indian companies have sit-stand desks at work to facilitate that.

Stretch some more 
Did you know you can stretch even while sitting on your desk? Try holding your stomach muscles for a few seconds when breathing in, then release when breathing out. Tilt your head left and right, front and back. Next sit erect in your chair and extend your left leg straight ahead of you. Hold the position for a few seconds and change the leg. If you don't feel too awkward, try front kicks and sidekicks too.

Eye relief 
Working on a laptop or desktop for extended hours also impact your eyes adversely. So take a break every 45 minutes and look at an object in the distant for 10-15 seconds. This will relieve the stress in your eyes.

Work as a team 
Encourage your team members to stretch with you or take a quick stroll with you. Turn by turn record sitting time and set goals for limiting sitting time. Sometimes these tricks fail when done in isolation but if followed at a team, they do wonders.

Source : The Times of India


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