SIDBI Online Exam GA & Computer Questions Asked In (2 & 3 SEP)

1. Who is the first woman director of Reliance group? -Nita Ambani
2. Who was the first Indian governor of RBI? -C D Desmukh
3. Commercial paper use in as an? – It is typically issued by large banks or corporations to cover short-term receivables and meet shortterm financial obligations
4. RRB is a type of? -Rural bank
5. What is the changed limit of FDI in insurance sector? - 49% FROM 26%
6. What is the full form of BBPS? - BHARAT BILL PAYMENT SYSTEM
7. When we write any program in a language we are supposed to be doing? - CODING
8. What is the full form of TCP/IP? - Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol
9. What is the current computer generation? - 5th Generation
10. What is the full form of ESOP? Employee Stock Ownership Plan
11. Who is the author of the book ‘The Accidental Prime minister? Sanjaya Baru
12. The drawee of a cheque is? DRAWEE is the bank which is assigned to pay the PAYEE
13. Who is the watchdog of Indian market? SEBI
14. What is the full form of CRAR? Capital to risk assets ratio
15. What is the Award associated with Indian cinema field? Dada Saheb Phalke award (among options)
16. What is the full form of DICGC? Deposit Insurance and Credit Guarantee Corporation
17. 1 may is foundation day of which state? Maharashtra and Gujarat
18. Dilwara temple is located in which state? Rajasthan
19. What is the full form of REIT? – Real Estate Investment Trust
20. Which firm got recently banking license? – IDFC & Bandhan
21. Who were the founders of World Wide Web? - Robert Cailliau & Tim Berners-Lee
22. Apex board for controlling agriculture and rural development – NABARD
23. Who was the first governor of RBI ?– Sir Osborne Smith
24. Where is the Permanent secretariat of SAARC? – Kathmandu
25. Who is Lalgudi Jayaram ? – Indian Carnatic violinist, vocalist and composer
26. Which company raised $1bn recently in fresh funding? – Flipkart
27. Commercial paper can be issued by company having minimum net worth? not less than Rs. 4 Cr
28. Origin of the concept of Microfinance was in which country? Bangladesh
29. Which can be said as “Buy now, pay now” card? – Debit Card
30. The 21st Common Wealth Games will be held in – Queensland, Australia
31. The CAR is related to? – Risk weighted Assets
32. Asset reconstruction companies related with — Non Performing Assets (NPAs)
33. What is the full form of SFIO? - Serious Fraud Investigation Office
34. What is the full form of MSF? - marginal standing facility
35. What is the full form of MIMD? —Multiple instruction Multiple Data
36. What is the full form of PIN? - Personal Identification Number
37. A question each on Open market operation , mortgage and FCNR bonds
38) IFRS- International Financial Reporting Standards
39) Namo 15th PM
40) Muhammad Yunis associated with Micro Credit
41) TRAI - Telecom regulatory
42) Fiscal Deficit- Govt Expenditure > Govt Revenue
43) Highest honor for life time achievement in Sports- Dyan Chand award
44) Commercial Paper issued by corporate to meet their short term cash requirement
45) Sharada Scam associated with Sudipta Sen
46) Last date return of pre 2005 currency notes- 1st Jan 2015
47) Piyush Goyal -Minister of State with Independent Charge for Power, Coal and New & Renewable Energy in the Government of India
48) New bank Licences - IDFC & Bandhan
49) FAO is an arm of United Nations
50) New rules of ATM are not applicable in which city - Pune
51) CRY - Child Rights and You
52) No of branches in India ? o_O hilarious
53) CIBIL - Credit Information Bureau
54) Saving Interest Rate fxed by banks themselves
55) Housing regulator - NHA
56) Reverse Repo has the use of ?
57) Basel- iii => Risk Management
58) Parental Income => 4.5 lakh
59) BMB Executive Director - Swathi
60) All Women First office (1st) - Delhi
61) Invisible exports - Services
62) Balance of trade is the difference between exports and Imports
63) Jan Dhan yojana is related to 1 lakh life insurance, debit card, A/C opening
64) Top GHG emitting country - China
65) ETF- Exchange Traded Funds
66) Limit of member in pvt company according to companies act 2013- 200
67) Who cannot be partners in patnership firm - HUF
68) BCSBI- Codes of banking
69) Evaluation of OMR sheet applies same principle - Bar code
Computer Questions
70) Delete the right side of the cursor - DEL
71) SQL - 4th Generation
72) Application soft - Word
73) Latest Windows - 8.1
74) Saving a Doc - CTRL+S
75) Boot program stored in ROM
76) DBMS are used to capture and store data
77) SMTP - Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
78) Function Key - F1
79) Program that runs when computer starts is - Booting
80) Object Code is written in High level Language
81) Connections to other webpages on a website are - Hyperlinks
82) LAN - Local Area Network
83) Full form of PIN? -Personal identification number
84). May 1 is celebrated as establish year of which state? - Gujrat
85) Full form of ESOP ? - Employee stock option
86) Expand MSF? - Marginal standing facility
87) Which is open market operations of rbi ? - sale &purchase of govt securities
88). A company want to distribute its profit among its share holders electronically , which is the best way?
89). D D
90). Cheques
91) Ecs - debit
92) Ecs - credit
93) Rtgs
94) According to FCNR act how much max time an a/c can be opened? - 5 years
95). Property held by bank under custodian ? - Pledge
96) RRB's are which type of bank?
97). CP can be issued by ? Corporates, primary dealers (PDs) and the All-India Financial Institutions (FIs) are eligible to issue CP
98). Which is called as market watch dog ?- SEBI
99). 21st CWG will held at ?- gold coast (Australia)
100. ECGC full form ? - Export credit guarantee corporation
101). Which is called as 'important NBFC' ? - whose asset size is of Rs.100 cr or more
102). Asset reconstruction companies are ?
103). FDI in insurance is raise to ...... From 26% ?- 49%
104). CRAR is ratio of ?
105). First Indian governor of RBI ? - C D Deshmukh
106). Time limit for giving reply to RTI? - 30 days
107). Time limit for bank to give reply on complaints ? - 7 days
108). New integrated bill payment system by rbi ?- BHARAT BILL PAYMENT SYSTEM


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