It seems like yesterday that we brought you home from the BL Kapoor hospital, New Delhi, and now you are a full grown man and an eligible bachelor too. Your mother and I were very nervous at the prospect of being first time parents. But we were overwhelmed by this new responsibility.

It took a while for me to come to terms with the fact that I was a father and was going to be one forever. But today after twenty five years of looking back, I cannot help but smile. It is a feeling of fulfilment beyond words. I feel that I have done some justice to the role of a father.

Every achievement of yours is a kind of personal glory for me. Your first smile, your first word, your first step at LODI GARDEN, your pee at lotus temple are moving like a reel of a film  in my mind.

As the years passed things started to get very challenging and sometimes I found myself in very difficult situations. I have agonised over many of the decisions I had to make when it came to discipline. I have had many arguments with your mother. But in time we learnt to parent as a team. We still have our differences of opinion but have learned to listen to each other. 

At last we agreed to  a point that we must spend our present for your future. Yes, Aja and Aai and mausis had played a great role in building your character.

The times I was affected the most was when you were sick for your ear infections, and you left home in the mid of the night  in my absence  fearing something strange.

.Now I have learnt to take things in my stride and deal with them with a calm mind. I vividly remember the scene when i slapped,  you sobbed silently without making any  sound and your mother came to your rescue.

We live our life in phases. When one ends, another begins. Change is constant and life is short. So seize the moment and live life to the fullest, have no regrets.

I have learnt so much from you and will continue to do so for the years to come. How to forgive, how to love unconditionally not expecting anything in return, how to be innocent, how to continue positive disposition,  how to enjoy the small things in life, how to be carefree…. The list is endless.... Thank you! You have made my life worthwhile!   


Love u always,


Thanks to 
Shri. Prema Narayan Dash
email : pndash49@gmail.com

Source : http://sapost.blogspot.in/


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