The last wish

The last wish

My FIL lay dying in his bed.  While suffering from the agonies of impending death, he suddenly felt the urgency of viewing the bank statement where monthly pension is being credited.   As usual he does not care to do so.  As he is preparing to leave  Balasore for good this sort of thought might have cropped up.

He gathered his remaining strength and lifted himself from the bed.  Leaning against the wall , he slowly made his way out of his room. And with even greater effort, gripping the railings with one hand and walking stick on the other , he advanced toward dining table where his passbook lying unguarded. MIL might have kept the PB unmindfully after drawing pension from the bank.  Such misplacement of passbook is rarely seen in the case of my MIL.

After labored breath, he leaned against the dinning chair gazing at the MIL who was resting there after coming from bank.  Queuing  for more than half an hour, weathering all odds and pressures for an old lady of passing age of eighty is not at all a child’s play.

Mustering one great final effort he threw himself toward the table.  With his withered hand  he lifted his pass book and turned the page after page with his blurred vision to check the details inside the PB.

Suddenly he roared in a shrill voice as if he has noticed a crack in the heaven.  “ BUDHI” asked FIL, “ Thirty thousand drawn?”
MIL rubbing her eyes told coolly,’ Budha, it is for your funeral.”

FIL: Father in Law
MIL: Mother in Law
BUDHI: Old lady
BUDFA: Old man

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