PM’s website gets a new look

A screenshot of the PMO website.  -- The Hindu
He has promised to keep people posted on his work and travels

Like everything about his campaign, Narendra Modi and his team-with-the-Midas-touch had precision-planned his first moments as Prime Minister. Just as he took the oath of office and secrecy on the forecourt of Rashtrapati Bhavan on Monday evening, the official website of the Prime Minister took on a new look; complete with a statement from the new man in.

In a message addressed to fellow Indians and citizens of the world, Mr. Modi sought support, blessings and active participation in scripting a “glorious future” for India. “Let us together dream of a strong, developed and inclusive India that actively engages with the global community to strengthen the cause of world peace and development.”

Stating that the people had delivered a mandate for “development, good governance and stability,” Mr. Modi said he envisioned the website would be a very important medium of “direct communication between us”, reiterating his firm belief in the power of technology and social media to communicate with people across the world.

Promising to keep people posted about his work and travels besides the innovative initiatives undertaken by the government, the Prime Minister articulated the hope that the website becomes a platform for sharing views.

Apart from being a one-stop window for accessing other Government of India portals, the new look website provides a link to Mr. Modi’s personal website which, too, has undergone a facelift. Christened ‘The New Beginning #MyPMNaMo’, round-the-clock attention paid to detail was evident in the inclusion of a photograph of his visit to Mahatma Gandhi’s samadhi in Rajghat on Monday morning.

The website also provides a peep into his “governance paradigm” as it has unfolded in Gujarat where he has had an uninterrupted stint as Chief Minister for 13 years till last week. The two websites were being updated through the evening in an indication that here was a man who had hit the ground running.

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