GK Questions for PA/SA Exam 2014- Part 2

1 The first Indian woman to win an Olympic medal?- Karnam Malleswari

2 Who became Indian Prime minister at the age of 81?- Morarji Desai

3 The first Indian to receive the Magsaysay Award?- Vinoba Bhave

4 In what capacity did Vasco de Gama come to India in 1524?- Portuguese Viceroy of India

5 In X-rays what did “ X” mean? Unknown

6 The year Nobel Prizes were first awarded ?- 1901

7 Oscar awards are awarded in how many different categories?- 24

8 The year USA became independent from Britian?- 1783

9 World’s First credit card?- Diners Club Card

10 What is C-DOT?- Centre for Development of Telematics

11 India’s Largest mineral Resources?- Coal

12 The Indian state with the longest coastline?- Gujarat

13 Second largest human organ?- Liver

14 Alpha and Omega means?- The beginning and end

15 The first Indian scientist to receive Bharat Ratna?- C V Raman

16 How many women participated in 1896 olympics?- None

17 The official language of Brazil is?- Portuguese

18 Permanent members of UN Security council?- China France , Russia , UK , USA

19 The ruler of Kashmir who signed the state’s accession to India in 1947?- Maharaja Hari singh

20 Recording industry ‘s most prestigious awards?- Grammy Awards

21 Which Indian state was known as Magadha in ancient times?- Bihar

22 Who composed India’s national song “ Vande Maataram?- Bankim Chandra Chatterjee

23 India's Longest Beach?- Maraine Beach , Chennai

24 The first Asain woman to swim the English Channel?- Arati saha

25 The first women chief justice of a High Court in India?- Justice Leila Seth

26 The Oldest university in UK?- Oxford

27 When was Coca Cola banned in India?- 1977

28 The first woman Chief Election Commissioner of India?- V S Remadevi

29 Electricity flows from ----------- to ------------? -Negative to Positive

30 The full name of world Bank? - International Bank for Reconstruction and development


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