8 Amazing Little Known Google Services

Google, the internet giant is well known for its search engine, e-mail service and cloud storage. However in addition to all these there is a boat load of other services that Google stocks for its users. Google Mars that allows you to view the surface of the red planet and Google flight, which provides flight information in real-time, unleashes both amazement and usefulness.  Some other services like Google developer assists in creating web and mobile applications using open web technologies. Read on to know more about the amazing and little known services of Google, as compiled by Minterest.

Google Mars: Google has come up with a facility that offers its users a view of the surface of Mars. The Google Mars provides three visual options namely elevation, visible and infrared data. The search engine giant has tied up with Mars Space Flight Facility of Arizona State University to accomplish this task. Google provides the data collected during the NASA Mars missions, Mars Global Surveyor and 2001 Mars Odyssey.

Google Flight: Do you want to check on the status of a plane in real time or want to book a flight at the cheapest fare available? Well, Google flight is one of the best options as it not only provides the flight information but also the option to explore destinations on the map.

Google Developers: Google developers allow anyone to utilize Google’s resources and open web technologies to develop efficient programs. A number of tools including Android, HTML, Chrome and App Engine can be accessed by any user to create programs.

Google Sketchup: Sketchup is an amazing utility tool that can be used to create 3D models and structures. The free downloadable software from Google lets you create any architectural, civil and mechanical models. The software has pre-defined tools and templates under vast categories including, landscape architecture, interior design, engineering, wood working, 3D printing, game design and much more.

Panoramio: Panoramio is a geographical location oriented photo sharing service from Google. A user can sign up for the service and can add pictures, which can be attached to that geographical area. These snaps are pinned automatically to Google earth and Google map services enabling users to know more about the place by taking a look at these pictures.

Tag manager: This service offered by Google lets anyone to edit and update the website tags and mobile applications for free. Tag Manager is simple, user friendly and can be tested to detect any possible flaw. The tool supports Google and 

non-Google marketing tags with in-built templates providing additional ease to the users.

Google Ideas: Google Ideas, is a service provided by the tech giant that allows users to connect and share their ideas towards technology driven initiatives. Engineers and experts can conduct research on the topics and can contribute their ideas towards the service. Global challenges including cultural, political and social issues can be topics to be pondered upon.

Google Takeout: Do you want a backup of all Google activities? Here is Google Takeout, offering its service to users to export their data in a downloadable format. Data from Gmail, Google+, Blogger, Google Drive, YouTube and all other prominent Google services can be zipped and stored for future use. Google sends a notification mail to the user at the completion of the task.

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