Got a handwritten passport? Renew it by Nov 25, 2015

BANGALORE: Come November 2015, and yourhandwritten passport won't take you on a foreign holiday. Neither can you fly out if your little blue book has a 20-year validity. This is in keeping with rules of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), which has decided to do away with non-machine readable (handwritten) passports globally. India is part of the ICAO. 

This rule will come into effect from November 25, 2015. Countries under the ICAO will not issue visas to persons holding passports that are handwritten or valid for 20 years. Even passports valid beyond November 24, 2015, will not be accepted for visa. Technically, these passports, issued before 2001, will be worthless unless they are renewed. 

PS Karthigeyan, regional passport officer in Karnataka, said there is no data available of people who hold these kinds of passports. "People have already started inquiring and renewing their old passports," he said. 

The process for renewal is the same: the applicant has to produce the passport to provide details, and can opt for either the normal or tatkal method. 

Data available from 2002 

Handwritten passports were issued before 2001, and are being phased out in many countries. The ministry has issued a circular on this. We've no data of how many such passport holders are there in the state, as there was no data storage before 2002, when we started computerized services. Those whose passports with 20-year validity extend beyond November 25, 2015, will also have to renew their passports. 

— PS Karthigeyan, regional passport officer, Karnataka 

Getting a new book 

* Register on the website as new applicant 

* Download e-application form on the home page, and save the copy to upload later 

* After registering, you will be given a login ID and password 

* For type of passport on the second screen, click on 'reissue of passport' and then on normal or tatkal options, depending on urgency of renewal 

* Fill up details in the next few screens, as directed by web portal 

* Enter details of previous passport 

* Complete details and submit form online 

* Schedule appointment online and print application form to take to Passport Seva Kendra for interview 

* Take original and photocopies of proof of identity, age and address 

Payment options 

* Pay online through credit/debit card, internet banking (SBI and associate banks only) and SBIchallan 

* If you apply to reissue passport under tatkal, pay the fee as per normal service online, and remaining amount after the application is accepted by officials at Passport Seva Kendra 

* Police verification for tatkal is done after delivery of passport; for normal service, it is done before delivery of passport 

* Fee for reissue of passport under validity expired/due to expire category for citizens above 18 years: Rs 1,500 for normal service, Rs 3,500 for tatkal service 

* Fee for reissue of passport of same categories for less than 15 years: Rs 1,000 for normal service, Rs 3,000 for tatkal

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