Current affairs 2012 for All Competitive exams

1. Who took over as Vice-Chief of Indian Air Force?
Air Marshal D.C. Kumaria
2. Who took charge of command of the Western Air Command (WAC)?
Air Marshal Arup Raha
3. Name the Indian American girl who won the 2012 Scripps National Spelling Bee crown.
Snigdha Nandipati
4. Name the spacecraft which returned to earth to end historic trip.
SpaceX Dragon
5. Global rating agency Fitch downgraded which banks credit rating outlook to negative from stable?
Indian Bank
6. Which 2 countries signed a Tax Information Exchange Agreement to promote economic cooperation
and joint investment to boost bilateral trade?
India and Bahrain
7. Name the Taiwanese bank which is set to open its 2nd branch in India at Sriperumbudur, Tamil Nadu.
Chinatrust Commercial Bank
8. To save which ailing company, proposal is being made by 2 oil sector PSU's IOC and MRPL to take
charge of running it?
Haldia Petrochemicals Ltd. (HPL)
9. Name the Sikh leader from BJP, who won his 2nd term as MLA from Dasuya in Punjab assembly
elections and died recently.
Amarjit Singh Sahi
10. Which country celebrated Queen's 60 year reign recently?
United Kingdom
11. Irish voters recently backed which pact by large majority by exhibiting final memorandum results?
European Union fiscal pact
12. Who won the 73rd PGA Tour Title 2012?
Tiger Woods
13. Who won the Catalunya MotoGP 2012?
Jorge Lorenzo
14. Who won the Copenhagen International sand sculpture championship 2012 held in Denmark?
Sudarsan Patnaik for "Save the Ocean" sand sculpture of 20-feet high
15. Name the Australia's largest beef producer.
Australia Agriculture Co. (AAco)
16. Name the Indian cricketer who took oath as Rajya Sabha MP.
Sachin Tendulkar
17. Which electronic giant's stock dipped below 1,000 yen for first time since 1980?
18. Name the oldest American men's clothier chain Reliance inked pact with to hold 49% stake in it.
Brooks Brothers
19. Which Asian stock market hit 28-year low on 4th June 2012?
20. Name the Pakistan Interior Minister who was suspended for dual nationality.
Rehman Malik
21. Who won the 21st Sultan Azlan Shah Cup hockey tournament 2012?
New Zealand
22. Which medal did India bag at the 21st Sultan Azlan Shah Cup hockey tournament 2012?
23. What is the importance of June 5th?
World Environment Day
24. Which shrubs are turning into trees as Arctic region warms?
Tundra shrubs
25. Music Academy in Chennai has been granted the status of research centre by which Karnataka-based
Tumkur University

26. For which summit Russian President Vladimir Putin is in Beijing, China?
Regional Security summit
27. Where did the Boeing Phanton Eye drone made its ground?
Edwards Air Force Base
28. Which scam-hit bank's license was cancelled by Reserve Bank of India recently?
Madhavpura Mercantile Cooperative Bank (MMCB)
29. Who is named as Navy chief as Admiral Nirmal Verma retires on August 31st 2012?
30. Which country has approved world's first 'healthy cola' for being beneficial to health?
31. Which country marked 23rd anniversary of the military crackdown in Tiananmen Square?
32. Which cricketer was recalled by West Indies Cricket Board into One-day squad after 14 month long
Chris Gayle
33. Name the psychiatrist and balloonist who took off on the world's first intercontinental flight in solarpowered
Bertrand Piccard
34. Name the India's London bound discus thrower who bagged silver medal at the Post Pre Elite
Women's event at Portland, US.
Krishna Poonia
35. Who was named captain of 18-member Indian hockey team for the 6th Junior Women's Asia Cup to
be held in Thailand from June 27th 2012?
Mid-fielder, Ritu Rani
36. Which planet crossed the sun on 5th June 2012 making one complete orbiter rotation?
37. Name the Wisconsin governor in USA who survived recall.
Scott Walker
38. How many gold did India win on 1st day of Commonwealth Weightlifting?
11 gold
39. Name the author of 'The Twilight Zone' who passed away recently.
Ray Bradbury
40. Where in India talking ATM is launched by Union Bank of India?
41. Name the boxer who ended his 19 year boxing career which earned him 5 world titles and 3 weight
Shane Mosley
42. Which 2 cricketer of India's World Cup winning squad were conferred with Eklavya award by
Gujarat Government recently?
Yusuf Pathan and Munaf Patel
43. Who has been appointed as Chief Election Commissioner to take over S.Y.Quraishi from June 10th
44. International Olympic Committee has announced to live stream free London Olympic Games on
which medium to fans in 64 territories across Asia and Africa including India?
45. Which state's rice exporters demand abolition of cess on paddy?
46.How many positive list services will be taxed from July 1st 2012?
47. Name the company which has developed a vaccine for dengue.
Paris-based Sanofi
48. What value is the allocated by Planning Commission for sanitation in the 12th Five Year Plan?
36,000 crore
49. Who won the South African Cricketer, Test Cricketer and CSA Fan's Cricketer of the Year award?
Vernon Philander
50. Name the writer who has been felicitated with an Assamese Japi.
Chetan Bhagat

51. What value of investment proposal did Karnataka get across 14 sectors on the 1st day of 2nd Global
Investors Meet (GIM 2012)?
Rs.5 trillion (Rs.5 lakh crore)
52. What rate of interest did European Central Bank retain?
53. Based on which film has Titan's children watch brand ZOOP launched new watch collection?
Madagascar 3 : Europe's Most Wanted
54. Who won the mixed doubles title at the French Open 2012?
Mahesh Bhupathi and Sania Mirza
55. Which section of Income Tax Act lets Assesses minor children eligible for separate tax exemption?
Section 54 EC
56. Who is named as CEO of Samsung?
Kwon Oh-hyun
57. Which social bookmarking site unveiled new logo, 6 years since its launch?
58. What value of compensation has Nasdaq offered for clients who were hit by technical problems that
arose during the Facebook IPO on May 18th 2012?
$40 million
59. Which Asian country's central bank cut its interest rates by 25 basis points, being its first cut since
the 2008-09 financial crisis?
60. Who is named as Event Ambassador for 2012 World Twenty20?
61. Name the 250 MW unit thermal power project commissioned by BHEL recently.
Harduaganj thermal power project in Uttar Pradesh
62. Name the Lebanese journalist who headed Arab's newspaper An-Nahar and died recently.
Ghassan Tueni
63. Name the football tournament kick started at Warsaw on 8th June 2012.
UEFA Euro 2012
64. What value of money will be pumped in the market on June 12th 2012 by buying Government
securities to ease the liquidity situation by RBI?
12,000 crore
65. Quote the reason why RBI recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Central Bank
of Bahrain?
To promote greater co-operation and sharing of supervisory information between the 2 regulators
67. Which Indian company's Rs.1,000 IPO in 1977 is now worth Rs.7.7lakh?
Reliance Industries Limited
68. What value of capital infusion was made in Regional Rural Bank's to improve their capital adequacy
and lending capacity to the agriculture sector?
Rs.632 crore
69. Expand FLCC (Hint: Credit).
Financial Literacy and Credit Counselling
70. Expand FLC (Hint: Literacy).
Financial Literacy Centres
71. What is the jobless rate in Greece as of March 2012?
72. What material is used by Israeli scientists to develop strong plastic to replace steel and other
materials used in pipelines and machinery?
73. Which 2 models of smartphones launched by Motorola are water-resistant, scratchresistant and dustproof?
Motorola DEFY XT and DEFY MINI
74. Name the south Indian filmmaker-editor who passed away recently.
75. Where in the world forced marriage is set to become crime?

76. Which 2 disease has been identified as top killers around the world by UNICEF?
Pneumonia and Diarrhea
77. Who was sworn in as cabinet minister in the Vijay Bahuguna Government in Uttarakhand?
Harak Singh Rawat
78. Who won the Dutch MotoGP?
Casey Stoner
79. Who became the 10th woman in tennis history to win all 4 Grand Slam titles after defeating Italy's
Sara Errani in the French Open 2012?
Maria Sharapova
80. From which country India is set to buy 8 warships?
South Korea
81. Which country is set to launch manned spacecraft in June 2012?
82. To which Eurogroup the Eurozone finance ministers were willing to respond favourably to the need
of 100 billion euros to a bailout request from its troubled banks?
83. How many medals did India bag at the Commonwealth Weightlifting Championships?
45 medals, including 29 gold
84. Where in Chennai first phase of 50 acre 'Logistics Park', a facility comprising warehouses and
commercial complex has been completed by Shri Kailash Logistics Ltd.?
85. Who won the Thailand Open 2012?
Saina Nehwal
86. Who won the Canadian Grand Prix 2012?
Lewis Hamilton
87. What value of bailout did Spain receive recently from European finance ministers?
$125 billion
88. Which housing arm of India launched its first low-cost housing project targeting 366 Tier-II and Tier-
III cities and costing between Rs.5.5 lakh and Rs.12 lakh?
Sahara Infrastructure and Housing
89. Name the Ex-industry secretary who is to be appointed as NHAI chief.
90. Name the Indian actor who is set to make hollywood debut with 'The Lord of the Rings' producer
Barrie Osborne.
Kamal Haasan
91. Who won the French Open 2012 men's title?
Rafael Nadal
92. Who was presented with Wisden India Outstanding Achievement award?
Sachin Tendulkar for completing a century of 100 international hundreds
93. Who will lead Indian hockey team in Olympics 2012?
Bharat Chetri
94. Which university signed MoU with Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR) to establish a Hindi
Chair in South China?
Guangdong University of Foreign Studies (GDUFS)
95. Where have scientists discovered the largest ever under-ice bloom of phytoplankton?
Under the Arctic ice
96. USA exempted India from which country's sanctions?
97. Name the 5-day film festival that is to be organised by Entertainment Society of Goa in collaboration
with Directorate of Film Festivals and National Film Archive of India.
Cinema Out of the Box
98. Name the Operating system and mobile Operating system version that Apple announced at the 23rd
annual developers conference WWDC (World Wide Developers Conference).
Mountain Lion and iOS6
99. Which Qatar-based bank is expected to start India operations?
Doha Bank
100. Which search engine has signed a deal with Encyclopedia Britannica to bring richer content to its
search results?
Microsoft search engine Bing

101. Who is appointed as Brand Ambassador of TVS Motor?
Anushka Sharma
102. Which company exported 100 'Falcon' buses to Ghana?
Ashok Leyland
103. Name the SVB Financial Group's banking unit which is set to open its first international branch in
Silicon Valley Bank
104. Which Indian company is set to enter dairy business from 2013?
Sahara India
105. Where does inflation stand as of May 2012?
106. In which movie actor Sridevi is set to make a comeback?
English Vinglish
107. Which state Government recently awarded Indian hockey team for qualifying to London Olympics
108. Which states will 'Gandhi Peace Bus' tour, to conclude at Mangalore in July 2012?
Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Karnataka
109. What is the importance of June 14th?
World Blood Donor Day
110. In which year Government of Orissa declared filmmaking as an industry?
111.Which traditional sport of Sikkim is set to get an academy?
112. Name the first Northeast state to have IIIT (Indian Institute of Information Technology).
113. Which global financial services firm has termed Indian economy is facing stagflation?
114. Name the Tagore literary awardees for the different genres of novels, poetry, short stories and
drama between 2007-2009.
Sheel Kolambkar for Geera (Konkani)
Jagdish Prasad Mandal for Gaamak Jingi (Maithili)
Akkitham Achyutham Nambudiri for Anthimahakaalam
(Malayalam)N.Kunjamohan Singh for Eina Kenge Kenba Natte (Manipuri)
Indramani Darnal for Krishna Krishna (Nepali) and
Arjan Hasid for Na Ien Na (Sindhi)
Amitav Ghosh for Sea of Poppies (English)
115. Where in Madhya Pradesh first tissue culture lab has been set up and developed 25 lakh saplings
mainly of G - 9 variety of banana by a farmer, Subhas Mohan Pandey?
Hamalapur Somvari, near to Betul district
116. Name the former McKinsey chief and Goldman Sachs director who is convicted of insider trading.
Rajat Gupta
117. Name the feature that Facebook is set to launch which will allow advertisers to participate in realtime
bidding to show ads on its website.
Facebook Exchange
118. Which country is set to create world's largest marine park network?
119. Which country expects 5.5% growth in tourist arrivals from India?
Hong Kong
120. Name the China's space mission whose crew included its first woman astronaut, Liu Yang.
Shenzhou-9 spacecraft
121. Which state got India's 4th Buddhist centre?
Arunachal Pradesh
122. Who becomes 4th Prime Minister of Greece in 8 months time?
Antonis Samaras
123. Which 2 country's home ministers are set to meet on yearly basis?
India and Bangladesh
124. Which payment mode a must for public sector banks from July 1st 2012?
125. Who will take on Spain in Euro 2012 finals?
126. What is the importance of June 30th 2012?
The last minute of 30th June 2012 will be 1 second longer and will be known as 'leap second'
127. What percentage of additional service tax would be levied on all bollywood actors and those perform
on television serials?
128. Who took over as the director of ISRO Satellite Centre?
S.K.Shivakumar replaces T.K.Alex
129. T.P.Sudhindra was recently in news, which sport did he play?
130. Name the list of 6 states which will raise 32.8 billion rupees via 10 year loans according to RBI.
Andhra Pradesh, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Meghalaya, Punjab and Rajasthan
131. Which agricultural arm would setup over 20 rural gurukuls across Indian states including
132. Who is appointed as Andhra Pradesh chief secretary?
Minnie Mathew
133. Which state will setup film promotion board to promote its films and culture?
134. Which country is to setup auto component and Engineering Park in Gujarat?
135. Which application of Microsoft is available for educational institutes free of cost?
Microsoft Office 365


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